STACKS Wine Storage

Composition: Aluminium

Year: 2018

Dimensions: 750L 200W 150H

Whether you’re buying by the bottle or box, Stacks is a modular wine racking system to suit your needs. Light weight and easy to install, the system is designed to grow with your collection. Additional layers are easily added without any need to move existing storage or disrupt resting bottles. With clean lines and contemporary finishes Stacks wine racking not only presents a beautiful way to display your special bottles in your living space, but with options such as anodised aluminium it also presents as an excellent options for even the dampest cellar.

The system was designed to be manufactured in large quantities utilising local industry, with the end goal being a stylish but affordable product for the consumer. Currently laser cut, mechanically folded and powder coated or anodised here in Adelaide with an option of customised branding, colours and finishes.

Photography by Johanis Lyons-Reid